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Losing weight easy as 1 2 3

Simply fill up the portions according to the labels and guidelines and start enjoyed well balanced and healthy meals now!!
Manage your weight one portion at a time... introducing the:

3D Dinner Divider
Portion Controlled Serving Mould
balanced meals easy as 1 2 3
Practicing portion control is a great way
to diet, lose weight and maintain
a healthy lifestyle for the whole family

Use the 3D Dinner Divider to portion control your meals

  • no more measuring or weighing food

  • food is correctly portioned on your plate with no hassle

  • portion labels include protein, carbs, salad & vegetables

  • ideal for weight loss, weight management and healthy living

  • use in conjunction with your own diet/healthy eating plan

  • dietitian & diabetes friendly

  • controlling daily food portions successfully means that the diet is balanced in nutrients, calories and fats

  • based on The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating

The 3D Dinner Divider is a simple and easy to use device aimed at helping individuals and families to control their portion sizes - which is the most effective way to lose weight & stay healthy.  Unlike other portion plates, the 3D Dinner Divider is unique in that the mould actually measures portions, an important feature that other portion plates lack.  Another important feature is that the mould is placed on top of your plate, which means the whole family can use it, rather than having to buy individual plates for each family member.  This not only makes the product cost effective, but a great way to get all the family involved in healthy eating.


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