Many people describe weight loss as a 'Merry Go Round' that once you get on you will never get off.  For us,  it’s been more like a roller coaster,  with so many highs and lows it’s hard to keep on track. We’ve tried it all,  from detox to diet pills,  soups to shakes,  low carb to low fat,  celebrity diets,  pre packaged meals and have been known to live on eggs and grapefruits for a week!

The highs were great; we lost the weight (sometimes!) and looked good,  albeit some of the diets apparently made us “grumpy” (direct quote from our kids).  The diet books were bundled up into a box yet again,  as we celebrated our success (yet again!). 

We celebrated over and over,  so much so,  that it wasn’t long before we were scrounging around in the garage our box of “magic tricks” (our diet books).  That’s the trouble with magic is it’s only an illusion,  and that’s what we had created for ourselves over time.  We needed something REAL!!

What went wrong?

We forgot the basic rules.  We realised that to lose weight and body fat and stay healthy,  we needed to limit our calorie intake and increase our level of exercise.  We all know this is REAL,  this is SENSIBLE,  this is FACT!  We have known this all along,  but ignored the real,  sensible,  facts for a good old fashioned quick fix.  The lure of losing 5kg in 1 week seemed too good to be true,  and it usually was.  We now know that there is NO magic potion or cure,  just learning what and how much to eat and realising the importance of portion control.   Oversized servings make oversized people!  We don't want to be a statistic.  We don't want to be one of the 65% of Australians that is overweight or obese.  We don't want to increase our risk of heart disease or diabetes by being overweight and unhealthy.
So it’s back to basics!

That's easier said than done.  As mentioned earlier, we had tried everything - we needed a new approach to weight loss, something that would help us now, and long term.  We needed something that was manageable and sustainable.  There's was loads of info about portion control, so we thought we'd give that a go (as it was probably the only thing we hadn't really tried before).  We found there was a lot of information about“visual aid” guidelines to help with portion control,  but we found that a bit confusing, and it's hard trying to visualise a serve of carbs should be about the size of a baseball.  As far as filling up your plate with half veggies or salad, quarter protein and quarter carbs, our dinner plates were quite large, so we might still risk eating more than we bargained for, and there's no way to limit the serving sizes.  A big pile of rice or pasta can still fit on a quarter of your plate!! We were never really sure if our portion sizes were OK,  and we were worried that we could be accidentally overeating. 

We really liked the idea of a portion controlled diet, but the only way we could be sure that we were eating the correct portions, was to measure and weigh everything that went onto our plates.  We could see that over time this was becoming a hassle, and we didn't want to fail (again).  Finally, we had a brainwave!! What if there was a device that could measure and deliver a perfectly portioned meal, without the hassle of weighing, measuring and visualising your portions.

After doing some research, we found there were portion plates on the market, we even have a couple ourselves.  However, the thing we noticed with these plates, is that you can still overfill the plate, as there is no way of measuring what you're putting on the plate - so you still need to be weighing, measuring and visualising your portions to keep yourself in check. You also need at least one plate per person, so if there are a few family members following a healthy diet, then it can get a bit expensive.

We wanted a simple solution that did everything for us!  A device that can deliver correct portion sizes, measure our portions and something that the whole family can use.  Basically, something so simple we could do it with our eyes closed!!

Tah Dahhhh !!!!

Our brainwave, has now become a reality....

The 3D Dinner Divider - Portion Controlled Serving Mould is a simple and easy to use device
aimed at helping individuals and families to control their portion sizes.  Unlike other portion plates, the 3D Dinner Divider is unique, in that the mould actually measures portions, an important feature that other portion plates lack.  Another important feature is that the mould is placed on top of your plate, which means the whole family can use it, rather than having to buy individual plates for the whole family.  This not only makes the product cost effective, but a great way to get all the family involved in healthy eating. And yes, it's so simple to use - you can do it with your eyes closed!!

Keeping happy & healthy is what life's about.....

Julie & Sharon
(the Calorie Queens)

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