lose weight and feel great
noun (Collins English Dictionary)
1.physical or mental energy
Top 5 vitality tips: 
If you feel overworked or overwhelmed by how much you have to do, you're not alone. Here are five top tips for a revitalized, more revved-up you!
embrace the journey that you are going on, or have been to

1. Eat healthfully, and often
It's the most obvious way to get pumped up, but just eating anything isn't enough. You need to eat well balanced nutritional meals for overall health and wellbeing.

2. Don't sit still
A daily 30-minute blast of moderate- to high-intensity cardiovascular exercise is essential for sustained energy levels, but even two to 10 minutes of brisk movement has a remarkably energizing effect. Although brief activity probably won't spike endorphin levels, research has shown it will increase your heart rate and keep you feeling revved for up to two hours.

3. Turn down your inner volume
Meditating is one of the best ways to offset stress, a huge factor in fatigue.   Daily practice of meditation that shifts focus from the negative voices in your head ("I feel overwhelmed and helpless") to a mantra ("I have power over my life"), a soothing sound (that of the ocean or wind in the trees) or your breath.

4. Go on a technology and/or news "fast."
Sitting at a computer all day can lead to fatigue or depression that can set in after even briefly being around machines, including computers and phones. "Refuel by going outside for an invigorating walk,". A news fast--avoiding newspapers, the Internet and TV--also can give you a needed break from draining, disheartening images and information.

5. Consider the glass half-full
We rarely acknowledge the progress we've made.  Stopping to look at where you were and how far you've come is energizing. So pat yourself on the back, and feel the charge!

Try some of these ideas to embrace and increase vitality in your life:
Schedule Your “Me Time”
Feeling good on the inside shows on the outside.There are days when you are so busy that it’s hard to find the time to tend to yourself. But if you carve out a few minutes every day to focus on your own needs, you’ll notice that you’ll feel happier and look more refreshed. When we think of pampering, we think of time-consuming and expensive things, like facials or massages, but there are so many simple and quick things you can do:

  • Luxuriate With a Home Spa Treatment A long bath is the perfect way to relax nerves and leave skin feeling soft and beautiful. Hop in the tub and lather up with a nourishing body wash that’s rich with emollients to refresh and hydrate skin. Next, put moisturizer on your face, slather conditioner into your hair, and do your nails while you soak. For added relaxation, sprinkle some lavender essential oil in the water.

  • Brighten Up Your Room — and Your Mood Buy flowers and place them prominently in your home. A pretty arrangement can be an inexpensive way to bring cheeriness to your rooms and your mood.

  • Count Your BlessingsBefore you go to sleep, write down three things that made you happy that day. This will help you focus on the positive, instead of any negative events that may have occurred. Looking back over your old to-do lists and reviewing what you’ve accomplished is also a good way to snap yourself into a better mood.

  • Bookmark Inspiring Passages Whenever you read a thought-provoking passage in a book, an uplifting poem or a beautiful phrase in a magazine, put a bookmark in the page. When you’re looking for inspiration or need a quick pick-me-up, a lovely passage will be right at your fingertips to brighten your day.

  • Try a New Fragrance Different fragrances wake you up or relax you. Go for a stroll in the beauty aisle of your favorite store and try on various perfumes. Dare to pick out a flirty floral fragrance or one that is more soothing. Something as simple as a new scent can make you feel like a new person.

  • Put Up Positive RemindersPlace favorite sayings from fortune cookies around your house — on your bathroom mirror or computer monitor. The words of wisdom will make you feel more optimistic about daily events. You’ll get positive reinforcement in an unexpected place.

Manage Your Stress
Grace under pressure for busy momsStress is an inevitable by-product of our fast-paced lives. Stress generates hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, that can cause heart rate and blood pressure to rise. The effects of stress can range from the merely annoying to the life-threatening, including increased muscle tension, insomnia, digestive problems, headache, irritability, and suppressed immune response. But here’s the good news: We can manage it.

  • Ready, Set — Pace Yourself Generally speaking, you can reduce stress, increase stamina, and get a lot more done if you make an honest assessment of your daily routine. Visualize your day as an athlete would visualize a race: See the hours ahead as a whole rather than as a frazzling series of demands. That way you can create a game plan for prioritizing, combining, postponing or even eliminating tasks.
  • Delegate and Designate Create a weekly household “chore chart” for your family to avoid confusion and arguments. Spread everyone’s chores throughout the week to avoid a weekend pile-up.
  • Get Your Zs Is sleep productive? Believe it. Shortchange yourself of the eight hours of sleep you need, and memory, mental focus, driving safety — your health itself — could be in jeopardy. Need more shut-eye? Take half of your before-bed TV hour and give it back to sleep. 
  • Keep an Appointment With Yourself Whether it's a self-manicure, a walk or a long soak in the tub with some favorite sweet-smelling salts and soaps, reserve some quality time for yourself. Write “the appointment” in your calendar and respect it as you would a work commitment. 
  • Be Bodywise Stress can disguise itself as feeling “low” or a stiff neck or any of dozens of other symptoms. Learn to read yourself for telltale signs, then try these quick remedies. Breathe: Inhale a deep eight-count breath through your nose. Breathe out even more slowly through pursed lips. Repeat 10 times. Tense and release:
  • Try yoga: Sign up for a lunchtime class at your local gym or yoga studio. The midday break will help relieve stress and make your afternoon more productive. 
  • Make a Date With Your Spouse Make that perfect time with your spouse — don’t wait for it. Create a babysitting co-op to have nights off you can count on. Take a six week course together and prebook a sitter for those nights.  
  • Harness the Power of Scent Select a muscle group — like your feet and lower legs, for example. Tense those muscles as tightly as you can, then gradually release. Repeat with each group of muscles in your body. ·  Aromatherapy is not new; it’s been used for thousands of years to influence the brain. So, invoke the power of scent to fight stress, to spur stamina, to lighten a mood or chase one. Peppermint, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon are energizing scents that help fight fatigue and boost energy. Tension-taming scents that soothe and relax include honeysuckle, myrrh, patchouli and lavender.

Is Your Life Out of Balance?
Take these steps to regainyour footing.Late for dinner with friends again? Beating yourself up because you forgot snacks for your kid’s soccer team? Or is your out–of–control to–do list keeping you away from the gym and up all night with worry? It’s astounding how quickly our lives tumble off–kilter. When you start feeling tired, irritable, tense or resentful more often than you feel relaxed, content and happy, it’s time to reassess your life and priorities. Tipping life’s scale in your favor takes effort but the payoff — a happier, healthier you — is huge. Take these steps to regain your footing.

  • Plan your days. Optimize your time by breaking your day into manageable chunks — say before work, at work, family time and “me time” — with a short must–do list for each section. To ensure that these lists are helpful and not overwhelming, ask yourself: “Do I really need to do this?” If the answer’s yes, then ask, “Is there someone who can help me?” Not sure you want to commit? Sleep on it.

  • Make time to play. If you can’t seem to find time to do the things you love best — like gardening, painting or reading — join a group, such as a book or knitting club. It might seem crazy to commit more of your time to others, but doing so forces you to spend time pursuing a passion. Ask yourself: What would I do with my time if I could fill it only with things that give my life meaning, passion and purpose? And then communicate your desires to those who can help you achieve them.” 

  • Unplug. “Tweets, calls, e–mails and other distractions pull you away from what’s important. You become an ’absent presence’ in the lives of those who matter most — your family and friends.  The solution is simple, yet difficult for many: Silence that phone at important family gatherings, stop checking e–mail after a certain hour, and don’t feel pressed to get back to everyone right away.

  • Kiss guilt good–bye. Just because your friend called at the last minute and begged you to go to the movies doesn’t mean you have to give up your plan to curl up with a good book. Don’t allow feelings of guilt or obligation to steal away your coveted downtime. Being selfish isn’t always a bad thing.  You need to take care of yourself before you can tend to others.

In Pursuit of Happiness
Happiness can be a way of being, in addition to a fleeting feeling. Creating happiness as a way of being comes from a combination of authenticity, meaning and purpose and using your strengths.  We could all use a little more joy in our days, so here are three proven ways to turn frowns upside down — for good!

  • Seek happiness from within. It’s inward pursuits — personal growth, community involvement, physical health and loving relationships — that put a smile on most faces. People who expect materialistic things to make them feel good often reap the opposite.
  • Get your daily dose of laughter. It really may be the best medicine. In addition to its emotional lift, studies show that a good laugh provides physical benefits: It aids digestion, alleviates pain, steadies blood pressure and improves mental functions. And there are no bad side effects! Not much to chuckle about these days? Rent a funny movie, see a comedy show or try Laughter Yoga, a blend of deep yogic breathing, stretching and laughter exercises that’s growing in popularity nationwide.
  • Set realistic happiness goals. Goal setting is a great way to take ownership of your happy thoughts, but you have to keep things real. We overestimate how much we’ll accomplish in a day, leaving us frustrated, while underestimating what we can achieve in a year, given just a little progress every day. So instead of a long–range goal like “make more money,” break your goals into smaller, more manageable chunks. For example, finding volunteer work that you love is likely to make your heart sing — plus, it may open some career doors that could lead you to additional income. It may also introduce you to people who will boost your spirits, making you feel richer in an emotionally–gratifying way.

A Good Night’s Sleep
The average adult sleeps an hour and a half less now compared with more than a century ago, thanks to the Internet, e-mail, cell phones and 24-hour entertainment. For now, aim for the six-to-eight-hour sweet spot and stay there — without sleeping pills, incidentally, which produce a poorer-quality sleep that’s as bad as getting too little. It’s a simple solution that may pay off in big ways.
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